Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Morning, Giraffe?

When I was about four, my dad gave me one of his old biology textbooks to play with. Yes, he was sending me the message early on, "You will like science. Science is gooooood." I drew in it, added stickers to pages, but one thing just wasn't right. There wasn't one picture of a giraffe. This got me really upset. I would fuss and fuss, "Where's the giraffe? There was a giraffe at the zoo. I want a giraffe!"

Being the obliging father that he is, or perhaps it was the need to shut me up so he could study, he cut a photo of a giraffe out of an old issue of National Geographic and glued it in my book. And ever since then, I've loved giraffes.

Seriously, they are just so cool. And the babies are the cutest. For example

In other giraffe news, I want this t-shirt:

This shop makes many unique t-shirts and bags. Love the bicycle t-shirt, too.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. I'm counting down to Wednesday. I've decided to go home a day early and not tell Mikael. I'll be waiting at his house when he gets off work, and if I'm really motivated, I'll cook something yummy. Just the motivation I need to get me through the next three days.

What's keeping you going this Monday morning?


CëRïSë said...

I love the story of your dad pasting in the photo! My mom used to collect giraffe stuff, and even though she pared her collection way back a few years ago (and asked us not to buy her more!), I still can't see anything giraffe-related without pausing. 'Love that shirt!

jessica said...

SO, i guess you've probably heard of this:

Let's go there.