Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Weekend

I haven't yet decided whether I will post during the weekends or not. Perhaps I will if I feel inspired. I know I get bummed out when my favorite blogs don't deliver on the weekends, but then again, maybe I'll need a break if I post every day. I guess we'll see.

So, here are a few of my favorite things from this week.

This may be the only time you see something sports related on this blog. You can thank Mikael for this. It's awesome.

One of my favorite bloggers has returned to the Blogosphere after nearly a year-long hiatus. I love her. She is funny and honest. I just try to ignore her incessant need to use the word, if you can call it that, "y'all". Visit her and encourage her to post more often.

My sister posted this link on my Facebook page earlier today, and I keep going back to it. I didn't know you could fit that much adorable on one page. Which one's your favorite?

This weekend we have big plans to sleep in, carve pumpkins, and go see Where the Wild Things Are. I know my expectations are high for this movie, but every review I've read has praised it. I hope the Children's Lit professor in me will let me just sit back and enjoy.

Happy weekend!


C. Elle said...

Loved the video! Thanks for sharing.

Not too crazy about the idea of mixing reminds me too much of genetic (re)engineering. I wonder if the temperaments would be different than that of a pure bred? I don't know...just a little too weird for me..though they are very cute. A Lab and a poodle mix! Not a pretty picture in my head...

I'm enjoying your new blog, btw.
Happy Weekend to you (and MK), too!

C. Elle said...

I vote that you should post on the weekends. It will keep the "grumpies" away.