Tuesday, November 3, 2009

False Starter

So sorry to leave you hanging when this venture is still so new. That's no way to get loyal readers. I promise, if I leave for a weekend and won't have Internet, I'll schedule posts so I don't have to feel so guilty and you have something to greet you in the a.m.

I had such a lovely weekend at home. Reading by the fireplace. Eating my mom's cooking. Kissing. Movie viewing.

If you haven't seen The Brothers Bloom, you must. It's beautifully filmed, equally sad and funny, and has Adrian Brody. Rachel Weisz is amazing in it too.

My favorite lines:
Penelope: I think you're constipated.
Bloom: Constipated?
Penelope: Yeah. You're constipated - in your fucking soul. I think there is a great, humongous wad of poop up your soul's ass.


Happy Tuesday!

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C. Elle said...

Happy're back!!

I had a client tell me that her husband is "emotionally constipated." It must be a man thing.