Friday, May 28, 2010

Back for Good

Hello, friends,

So sorry for the lengthy absence. But here are all my excuses, and they're actually good ones this time:
  • I finished the hardest semester of my life. It was bad. Really bad. But now I am officially a second year doctoral student. It's nice to not be a newbie anymore.
  • Mikael finally proposed on April 18. It was wonderful, and not really a surprise at all, but it was perfect for us. The photo above was taken a few minutes after. Which means...
  • I've been wedding planning. We're planning a July 25th wedding. We figure, we've been together for eight years, who needs a long engagement?
  • I'm taking a summer class. It's easy, but has occupied my evenings.
  • However, I have been sewing, and I will have new items in my Etsy shop next weekend. My shop is in sad shape right now, but it's about to expand!
So there's your update. I shall return next week with actual quality posts.

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Flourishing Networks said...

such a great your ventures in life. hope you had a sensational wedding!!!