Friday, November 12, 2010

my week in objects

One of my favorite bloggers often posts photos of several things that made her week. I always find these posts charming, so I thought I'd give it a try. If you'd like to see where I got this idea from, please visit Reading my Tea Leaves.

I give you, five things that made my week.

1. These fall leaves
*because I collected them as I walked home from campus every day this week. Now they are piled on the dining room table, reminding me of childhood collections of rocks and pressed flowers.

2. The sun!
* because I got to wear two of my favorite skirts again before the cold weather. And because fall leaves are even prettier when the sun shines through them.

3. This plant
* because I bought it for myself at Trader Joe's last Sunday, and I've enjoyed watching bloom all week, turning into this:

4. This purply/grey nail polish
*because it was a new color for me. And, since I spend most of my time with my computer, it's nice to look down at my hands and see something colorful and pretty.

5. This sheet of paper
* because it is my program of study form, and it says I only have four required classes left to take before my comps.


andimeade said...

I love it! It's lovely to have a picture into your world. Keep them coming. Incidentally, we already have snow, but it is beautiful, and people here start celebrating Christmas really early, so I'm not a freak here! :)

Jenn Stewart said...

Your last picture inspired me to look at my plan. I have 6 classes stupid foreign language. Boo.

Yay you though! Also, I like this blog conceit. I may have to steal, I mean mimic, it.

Erin said...

Jenn - just so we're clear - i have four required classes, but 6 classes worth of credit left. you can get away with doing some extra diss credits, but i have to maintain my GA, so JGM recommended i fill them with directed reading for comps. i also think i'm going to do comps in august rather than january. i figure it won't slow down my diss progress that much and i like the idea of having summer to prepare rather than ruining my christmas break and trying to study while taking two classes and teaching two classes. it totally made my night when i figured this all out. this means this semester is my last with 3 classes, so that'll be nice! oh, (this is super long) i also have my language to do, but i'm thinking of doing that this summer.