Welcome to Good Morning, Grumpy. This blog is what remains of my old blogging life. Years ago, I lived in Los Angeles and worked as a freelance writer/waitress. I blogged a lot (on a different blog) back then and had a blast whining about my boyfriend who wouldn't commit (he's now my husband), lamenting my job status (I'm now a college professor), and hoping to someday go back to school (I'm about to graduate with my PhD).

I've come back to this blog from time to time, always with the intention of consistently writing about my life, but that life is awfully busy these days, so my blogging is sporadic, as you've probably noticed.

However, the next few months are going to be full of exciting changes. I'm graduating, and we're moving back to California. My hope is that the warmer weather and no more dissertation to write will free up my time and I can rediscover my blogging mojo. We'll see.

Oh, and why "Good Morning, Grumpy"? I've never been a morning person at all. Even when I was a little girl, I would tell my parents "Stop looking at me!" in the morning until I had sufficiently woken up. It seemed like an appropriate blog title for some reason.

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